This is the display that generally renders to the left side of the workflow and takes up between 50-75% of the screen depending on the users screen size and resolution.

3D Models

Uploaded as .glb files into the spiff asset repository. Used with any combination of products and workflows.

How to set up the 3D model

  • Upload your 3D model to the asset repository in spiff
  • Or submit an asset request and will build it for you and upload it on your behalf.
  • Go to a product
  • Click edit product
  • Select the 'existing' button on the 3D models line
  • Select the relevant model in the assets list
  • Add your workflow (below the save button) by typing the name of the relevant workflow
  • Save

3D models should be kept under 50,000 polygons. If not, load time will blow out depending on the users connection.

2D Models (Coming Soon)

Upload a product image and design straight over the top of the image.