SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG's are a file format that is used on spiff to create illustrations. On Spiff SVG’s are powerful tool as they allow the user to place on an object in any size whilst being being to amend all of the colors easily using an illustration step.

To create an SVG for Spiff, we are demonstrating how this is done using Adobe Illustrator but you can use any program capable of building a vector.

Open Ai - create whatever shape/pattern/design you like

Make sure once you have your design, it is all grouped together. Make sure everything you want in the design is selected and go to Object > GroupAfter your object is grouped go to Window > Asset ExportWith your asset export open drag your design into the exporter. Make sure the format is on SVG and press Export.This will export the SVG to your desktop where you can now rename it and upload it to Spiff.

Uploading to Spiff Hub

It’s very simple to upload it to the Hub. Simply go to your Assets tab in the sidebar and go to Illustrations.

Then press the pink CREATE ASSET button in the top right.This will open a window where you can select your SVG and press Open to upload it!

And viola. It’s now ready to add to a workflow.Here is an example of the created SVG being used in a workflow.